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Hearcentral - Your Source for Assistive Listening Devices

  • Sound Oasis® Deluxe Tinnitus and Sleep Management System

    The Sound Oasis® Deluxe allows you to create your very own sound environment conducive to sleep, relaxation, tinnitus relief and improvement of everyday life. By bathing a room with authentic sounds of nature or our proprietary 'bio-sync' sound (developed by the world renowned sound therapy expert, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson), Sound Oasis® Deluxe blocks out irritating noises and creates a peaceful atmosphere so you fall asleep easier, get higher quality sleep, enhance concentration, and feel more alert throughout the day.

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  • The Hear Central Travel Digital Sound Generator

    Product Description:
    Compact travel sound conditioner with 27 different tracks we have developed and refined over the years. Refining some by adding subtle but effective undertones.  Others by adapting and altering, based on input from users and audiologists alike.       

    -27 soothing, high quality two hour tracks of  sounds, music and combinations.
    -Small, portable and easy to use
    -Continuous play through the night
    -Comes with AC adapter and high-capacity rechargable battery-High frequency output ear buds

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  • Hear Central's Speaker Pocket Pillow Cover w/Stereo Pillow Speakers

    Listen all night without disturbing your significant other. Combines our quality pillow speakers and cover to ensure that your speakers stay in place allow the sounds to come up through your "personal" pillow.

  • Hearcentral's Stereo Speaker Pillow

    Comfortable, hypoallergenic pillow with easily removal (ultrathin), stereo speakers.  Hand or machine washable, with adjustable speaker placement and in-line volume control.

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Hearcentral is a nationwide distributor of Assistive Listening Devices and is owned and operated by a group of seasoned hearing professionals with over 40 years combined experience in the industry.  Our staff is dedicated to assisting the hearing impaired and providing world class customer service.  We specialize in Tinnitus Management and our product line encompasses:

Amplified Phones • Emergency Signaling Devices • Personal Amplifiers • Notification Products • Speech Assistance • Amplified Clocks and Watches; as well as Hearing Aid Products.

With Hear Central's presence on the Internet, hearing-impaired people around the world have the chance to share in the miracle of "hearing wonderful sounds!"