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  • NEW!!! Vibroacoustic Massage

    Vibroacoustic massage uses low frequency sound or vibrations to excite the body's cells at specific frequencies to encourage relaxation and healing. Your entire body responds to the sound and vibrations that it is presented with. When the vibrating massage and sound waves are the right frequency, your mind and body benefit by synchronizing with the oscillations. Sound Oasis achieves this by embedding vibroacoustic transducers in a device that looks and feels a lot like a back massager. It's more effective than a run of the mill massager because the sound and vibration penetrates deeper and reaches your joints and muscles in a way that an ordinary device can't.

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  • The Hear Central Digital Sound Conditioner

    The Hear Central Digital Sound Conditioner was specifically designed to help you relax, fall asleep and stay asleep. Its compact size allows you to bring soothing sounds wherever needed.  Preloaded with 22 tracks of sounds, music, and combinations. Contains sounds developed by sleep expert, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson.

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  • Serene Innovations CL-60 Amplified Phone

    The Serene Innovations CL-60 has an intuitive design featuring large backlit buttons, talking Caller ID and three one-touch memory buttons. Ideal for people with hearing loss, low vision or limited mobility.

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  • Marsona Electronic Sound Conditioner - MP-1288A

    The Marsona programmable sound conditioner providesᅠa collection of eight base sounds and eight over lay sounds, plus tone control for an infinitely adjustable variety ofᅠ combinations to mask unwanted, intrusive noises and insure a restful night's sleep. Advanced Digital Technology gives you the most realistic sounds of nature to help you concentrate on your work or studies, to relax or just sleep! Provides relief for the ringing in your ears!

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  • Hear Central's Speaker Pocket Pillow Cover w/ Stereo Pillow Speakers

    Listen all night without disturbing your significant other. Combines our quality pillow speakers and cover to ensure that your speakers stay in place allowing the sounds to come up through your "personal" pillow.

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  • Hearcentral's Stereo Speaker Pillow

    This Sound Pillow pillow has stereo speakers ᅠhidden inside it to allow you to listen to your MP-1288A, sound conditioner, or DIG-GEN, digitalᅠ player, without disturbing others. Comfortable, hypoallergenic pillow with easily removable (ultra-thin), stereo speakers. Hand or machine washable with in-line volume control and adjustable speaker placement.

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Hearcentral is a nationwide distributor of Assistive Listening Devices and is owned and operated by a group of seasoned hearing professionals with over 40 years combined experience in the industry.  Our staff is dedicated to assisting the hearing impaired and providing world class customer service.  We specialize in Tinnitus Management and our product line encompasses:

Amplified Phones • Emergency Signaling Devices • Personal Amplifiers • Notification Products • Speech Assistance • Amplified Clocks and Watches; as well as Hearing Aid Products.

With Hear Central's presence on the Internet, hearing-impaired people around the world have the chance to share in the miracle of "hearing wonderful sounds!"