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Krown Phone Strobe Flasher

Powered by the phone line, the lightweight Phone Strobe Flasher flashes when there's an incoming telephone call. Also works with a videophone and most PBX systems. It has a dome-shaped cover and bright 10 candela LED that spreads light better so you can tell when there's an incoming phone call.


Krown KBS300RX Bed Shaker Receiver

The KBS300RX Bed Shaker Receiver has three memory code lights that will turn on to indicate that a corresponding channel has triggered the receiver. A Status indicator will turn on when there is a channel triggered by an alarm in the system. Easy to setup and install with the KA300 system in a small residence, dormitory, apartment or motel.


Krown DoorKnocker 125

This door knocker has a large, ultra-bright LED light that flashes when someone knocks on the door. It can be used as a flashlight during power outages. Portable and convenient for travelling, use it in hotels, offices, dorm rooms or one-room apartments.

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