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S-5000 Deluxe Sleep Sound Therapy System

24 Sounds with 5 Overlays for 145 Possible Combinations

Product Description
Sound Oasis® S-5000 is a table top sound conditioner that combines high fidelity sound, customization, and clock radio features.

Rich Sound and Audio Technology
Sound Oasis® S-5000 sound conditioner incorporates a 3 speaker (subwoofer enhanced) sound system for room filling sound with bass and treble control, built in alarm clock and AM/FM stereo sound, 24 main sounds & 5 mix sounds allowing for multiple ways to customize your sound environment.


  • 24 main sounds & 5 mix sounds (145 possible combinations) 
  • 3 speakers (including subwoofer) result in the world's highest sound fidelity available from any sound machine
  • Bass/treble control allows you to precisely adjust the tone of sounds
  • Timer with 4 positions: continuous, 30 min., 60 min. and 90 min. with gentle off (plus a nap timer)
  • Backlit, dual 12/24 hour alarm clock with 3 alarm sounds, digital calendar and brightness control
  • AM/FM stereo radio with 3 presets and radio spectrum selector switch for use around the world
  • Headphone jack connects to your headphones or a speaker pillow
  • Play your iPhone®/iPod/MP3/CD through unit's speaker system
  • Memory button replays last sound
  • Patented Sleep Enhancement® technology helps lull you to sleep
  • Proprietary doctor developed 'Bio-Sync' sound helps realign your body after traveling or stressful days
  • Voice memo recording allows you to record your own voice message or sound
  • Built-in technology to control your bedside lamp for light therapy (optional controller required)

MP-PC-PS2 Pocketed Pillow Cover with Pillow Speakers

Works with all Contracted Sound Conditioners


Product Description
Turn your own pillow into a therapy pillow. Combines our Pillow Speakers with our Speaker Pocket Pillow Cover to ensure that your speakers stay in position underneath pillow, giving you the consistent sound quality to help manage your Tinnitus.


  • Use with your own pillow
  • In-line volume control
  • High quality sound
  • Two ultra-thin stereo speakers
  • High quality material
  • Works with any contracted sound conditioner

PA-100 Amplified Pillow Speakers

When Regular Pillow Speakers are not Enough


Product Description
Two high fidelity ultra-thin stereo speakers with built-in amplification are ideal for sleep therapy and tinnitus managment.  For best results use with our Speaker Pocket Pillow Cover (MP-PC) to positions speakers on bottom side of pillow delevering sound to the user while minimizing disturbance to others.  


  • -Two high qaulity ultra-thin amplified stereo speakers
  • -In-line volume control for ease of use
  • -USB powered, includes USB cable and US wall adapter
  • -1/8" (3.5 mm) plug fits most electronics, MP3 players, CD players, TVs, etc
  • -Works with any type or size of pillow
  • -Works with any contracted sound conditioner

MP-PC Pillow Cover with Velcro Pockets to Hold Speakers in Place

Turn your pillow into a therapy pillow. Combine our Pillow Speakers with our Speaker Pocket Pillow Cover to ensure that your speakers stay in position, giving you the consistent sound quality to help with tinnitus managment and sleep therapy.

The most common problem with pillow speakers is keeping them inside the pillow case and off the floor.  


  • Machine washable
  • High quality material (for durablity)
  • Velco pockets to keep speakers in place and from falling out of your pillow case
  • Velcro sealed end flap keeps pillow in place in the case
  • Use with your favorite pillow, for your comfort
  • Works with any contracted pillow speakers

MP-PS2 Stereo Pillow Speakers with In-line Volume Control

Product Description

Simply place under your existing pillow and enjoy your favorite music or sounds for optimal relaxation and comfort. Couple your pillow speakers with a sound machine or white noise machine and fall asleep without disturbing your partner. Take advantage of the small size and ample volume of these pillow speakers to experience comfortable private listening with your own comfortable pillow.


  • Two ultra-thin speakers for comfortable use
  • In-line volume control for effortless control
  • High quality stereo sound
  • 1/8" (3.5 mm) plug fits most electronic machines
  • Machines, iPods/MP3 players, CD players, TVs, etc
  • Includes:
         2 stereo speakers and in-line volume control
  • Works with any contracted sound conditioner