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Lifetone HLAC151 Bedside Vibrating Fire Alarm and Clock

The Lifetone Bedside Fire Alarm and Clock HLAC151 model uses patented monitoring technology to actively listen for the high-frequency sound of your smoke alarm. When it detects the T3 alarm pattern of a smoke alarm, your Lifetone HLAC151 wakes you up and alerts you with 4 different signals: a loud, low-pitched (520 Hz) T3 alarm; a talking voice giving instruction; a powerful vibrating bed shaker; and FIRE in large text against a flashing orange backlight. Works with smoke alarms that emit a T3 alarm pattern. If you are uncertain as to which pattern your smoke alarm uses, please contact us for assistance.


Serene Innovations CentralAlert CA-360 Alarm Clock with Remote Receiver

The Serene Innovations CentralAlert CA-360 Clock/Receiver with CA-RX Remote Receiver is a complete, all-in-one alerting solution that notifies you to various events around the house. The CA-360 clock/receiver has a built-in flashing strobe, loud alarm and a powerful bed shaker. This package includes the CA-RX Remote Receiver for notification in another room.



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